Larry Kelso

On Track With Bro. Larry

    We live in a world where you can be famous for being famous. While the celebrities of today are famous because they have hired promoters and agents, Jesus was celebrated by a relatively small number of followers who were not quite sure why they were there, except for the fact that something drew them to this teacher, this holy man. He could heal them. He spoke in mysterious parables. He was very different from anything they had seen before. And he loved them in a way they had never before experienced. 

    There was something about him. In a cruel and violent world, where most people were interested in basic survival, Jesus regularly stirred up enough trouble to risk his safety. In a culture where people shamelessly promoted themselves, Jesus told those he healed to "tell no one." He was not swayed by current trends. He was not concerned with money for himself. He had no problem with challenging those in power. His ministry was guided, nourished and planned by the only Power that really matters the will of God.

 Grace and peace Bro. Larry