Larry Kelso

On Track With Bro. Larry

When our kids are uniquely themselves that is when they do or say something that strikes us as completely off-the-wall the nonjudgmental response a parent often makes is "You're a piece of work!" Although we don't always understand our kids' ways, we shake our heads in acceptance when we say "You're a piece of work!"

So, too, when God exercises God's own unique way of doing things ways we do not agree with or even comprehend. Once again, we are confined to saying in amazement, "What a piece of work!"

The utter and unmitigated sovereignty of God is a reign we humans have never been wholly comfortable with. Most of us would prefer a more democratic system of rule one in which we could actively vote for the outcome of events or the unfolding of history. The sovereign rule of God leaves too many unwelcome subjects in our midst: famine, disease, hate, war, cruelty, waste, envy, greed, despair, evil.

But even in the face of all these troubles, there is one mystery in God's reign that outstrips all the others. It is a mystery that lives on in full sight of all the ugliness and evil that lurk among the beauty of creation. The greatest imponderable of all, the ultimate mystery of God's sovereign rule, is the amazing grace of God. "For God so loved the world ...."

The most unimaginable action of God is the gift of all that grace and love brought down into this world in the person of Jesus, the Christ. The most unfathomable sacrifice made by God is the redemptive death of that love and grace on a cross for our sake and for our salvation. 

Thank God ... that God is God, and we are not.

Grace and peace Bro. Larry