Larry Kelso

On Track With Bro. Larry

    The pulse of our culture’s life is created partly by our biological heartbeat and partly by the electronic circuitry of our technological partners. Unless we are out wilderness hiking (and sometimes even then), it is virtually impossible for us to proceed through a normal day without reaching out for the aid or comfort of some gas-powered, electrically-charged, fiber-optic-controlled gizmo. 

    In general, it is easy for us to have "faith" in those technological advances that make our lives easier, more comfortable, more efficient and more self- sufficient.

    How ironic: The easier it becomes to have faith in the technological world of things human beings have created, the more difficult it is for us to have faith in the promises of God. "Having faith" is not nearly as comforting as "having proof." Living "by faith" is far more frightening to us than living "on credit." Staking our futures on God's promises sounds riskier than investing our futures in the possibilities promised by more technological gadgetry. To "have faith" and to live "by faith" may have been okay for some old wandering Aramean with no mortgage, no car payments, no deadlines, even no children. But we see "faith" as far too shaky a basis for our own complex, convoluted lives.

    It is easy to point to those few among us who have based their movement through life on faith and see nothing but failures and frustrations. In spite of what you hear from television evangelists, to live by faith doesn't mean that every wish will be fulfilled or that you will always be successful. Hebrews 11 records a whole litany of those who have lived by faith. Yet it also makes it clear that, for generations, those faithful patriarchs and matriarchs and their people never reached their ultimate goal. Abraham's life of faith sees him out on a road toward a homeland he never gained. Sara died after becoming a mother to just one child. Isaac and Jacob were never established in any way.

    But if living by faith doesn't mean you will live "successfully," it does mean you will live victoriously. Living victoriously by faith means we can live secure in the knowledge that we may have absolute trust, complete confidence, in the promises of God. Living victoriously means being relieved of that death grip of panic and doubt that can freeze us out of any forward movement. Living victoriously in faith means we are free to envision our way forward in life, empowered to work with every fiber of our being to participate in that vision’s birth. Faith in God's promises, faith in God's continued presence – faith itself is the victory. When we live by faith, there can be nothing less than a victorious ending.

 Grace and peace – Bro. Larry