Upcoming Events

Royal Family Kids Camp

Sheila Clark, with Royal Family Kids Camp, will be in the Family Life Center this Wed., Jan. 17 at 5:30. She will be discussing the need for supporting or volunteering at our Royal Family Kids camp. I have had the pleasure of serving as a camp nurse the past 3 years. Thanks, Ramanda Chappell

Ad Council Meeting

Ad Council will meet Sunday, January 21, at 3:00pm in the FLC Youth Room. With the new year beginning we have new members on our Council. Please plan on being here today.

New Year, New Beginnings

With the new year beginning have you thought about new places you would like to serve? Sunday School? Mustard Seed Volunteer? Bells? Choir? Kitchen? Circle? M.O.F.? If you would be interested in being a part of any of these ministries, just let the church office know and we can put you in contact with who you need.


PrimeTimers will be going to Rivertown BBQ in Ozark for lunch on Thursday, Jan. 25. They will leave the church at 10:30a.m. Please RSVP the church office or Susan Hurley, no later than Monday, January 22.

Friendly Church Chutes & Ladders

Letís start the new year by playing a gameÖ Friendly Church Chutes & Ladders

The concept is taken from an article by Danielle Williams in the January, Arkansas Methodist newspaper. Over the next few weeks lets play Friendly Chutes & Ladders (a popular childrenís game) here at FUMC and see how we do. Will we climb to the top of friendliness, or slide down that ladder of familiarity. Every time you are friendly and welcoming give yourself 5 points. If you werenít, take away 5 points. At the end of the game letís see if we are winners, and ARE the church, or are we just GOING to church.

Letís playÖ..

* Did you smile at people in the parking lot? If you did, GREAT, give yourself 5 points. If notÖ..

*Are there signs designating the way to the sanctuary (or anywhere else) to help first time visitors find their way? If not, did you assist anyone? 5 points if you did. If you didnítÖ..

*Once in the sanctuary...did you actually speak or did you just smile or nod? Spoke? 5 points! Didnít? Take 5. So, after the first week, how many points do you have? If not as good as you would like, letís try to improve next week when we play Friendly Chutes & Ladders.

New Directory

We still have quite a few people who havenít turned in a family photo for the new directory. You can email those or just stop by the office with your picture and it can be scanned and returned to you immediately.

Volunteers Needed at Interfaith Food Pantry

Interfaith Food Pantry is in need of volunteers for two mornings a month from 9:00a.m.óNoon. If you can give of your time, please call, 754-2428 or 979-8108.

Blessing Box

The holiday season may end but the needs remain. Please remember the Blessing Box